L Shaped, U Shaped, Galley Style… these are the typical kitchen layouts that come to mind. Want to break the mold? Custom kitchens give you the ability to plan all sorts of original and innovative layouts. In order to highlight some of this diversity, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unique kitchen layouts from creative designers not afraid to use unexpected planning choices.

Even as kitchens become more modernized, there will always be something special about an old-fashioned country kitchen. Traditional kitchen styles remain extremely popular today both in metro and rural homes. With a custom kitchen made in Europe, you are able to benefit from modern engineering without compromising on that laid back country style you love.

Your home layout is unique, and you have your own set of needs when it comes to a kitchen remodel- be it small spaces, large households with children, or something else. You want your kitchen cabinets customized, and you are attracted to the beauty and durability of natural wood. Custom woodworking can be done entirely by a local millworker in your own town. A custom kitchen may also be manufactured and assembled in a factory by a larger company. There are pros and cons to each, so there are many options to consider before making that decision.

In 2016, some technologies that were not considered feasible even a few years ago have become standard. Robotic vacuums are popping up in more homes every day, our smart phones have facial recognition, and it seems like everything is now bluetooth enabled. So of course it makes sense that kitchens get a tech upgrade too. “Smarter” kitchens have been trending this year, with added electronics to make our lives more convenient. The kitchen has also become an extension of the living area in modern homes, with social gatherings and work often taking place there.

Back in the 1920’s, white was pretty much the only cabinet color available. And for a generation recovering from a flu epidemic, this made sense- cleanliness was crucial. Today this trend endures, and not just for the sanitation factor. White kitchens match with any color and have a peaceful, calming effect. Here are a few things to consider for those planning a renovation this year to update the classic white kitchen.

As lighting technology becomes more sophisticated each year, it’s no surprise that cabinet light is a kitchen trend that is now more popular than ever. Integrated cabinet light sets a mood by adding splashes of warmth to the backsplash, counter surface, interior shelves, and even the floor. But arguably the most important reason to install cabinet lighting goes beyond appearances: a fully lit kitchen makes food prep much safer. Between slicing ingredients and arranging sharp cutlery, skipping out on quality task lighting results in a dimly lit work space which exposes the chef to a greater risk of injury.

A galley layout is perfect for narrow kitchens, making the best use of precious square footage. It can be tricky to design though, since your floor space is essentially a long, thin strip between two walls. Creative planning is key. It all comes down to efficiency, as well as some visual tricks to make the galley space feel as open as possible.

We often get so caught up in how the new kitchen will look that layout planning gets put on the back burner. A kitchen’s architecture has important ramifications in the long run though, since you will be using it for routine tasks every day. The ideal layout feels spacious as opposed to cramped and has the right storage options to keep everything tidy.