Better Kitchens

German kitchens reflect superior quality both inside and out. And once you look inside, the interior construction is state-of-the-art. Our innovative cabinet hardware is designed to serve many functions with precision. Not only does this make your kitchen more enjoyable to use, the exceptional quality stands up to repeated activity and heavy weight.

German engineers are known throughout the world for their innovative solutions. Our kitchens are designed using advanced ergonomics. One perfect example of this is seen in the Leicht Interior+ line. Leicht engineers actually manufacture their own hardware for Interior+ cabinets, so they are completely unique in the kitchen design world. Organization made easy with tall pull-out pantries or swivel shelving, allowing you to quickly find everything you use day to day.

Better inner storage is a hallmark of our cabinetry, which is designed to save time and hassle. Shallow depth shelving helps items stay visible instead of getting lost inside deep cabinets. Integrated door compartments streamline organization. The Interior+ line uses pivoting aluminum shelving, offering flexible storage that is very convenient. Any area of the kitchen can benefit from ingenious add-ons, from bottle cupboards to adjustable inner drawer dividers with knife blocks.

Cabinet hardware must be equally as sophisticated as the framework. Our kitchens use advanced mechanics to support heavy capacity and smooth movement, without needing to use bulky materials. Leicht engineers created special glides and sturdy ball bearings for deeper drawers and pantries, so that no matter how much weight it put on them, they are still able to move seamlessly.

Our cabinetry uses modern technology to enhance the many different functions. Doors can open electronically at the push of a button and all drawers are conveniently self-closing. As part of the total package that makes German kitchens so sleek, all types of appliances can be easily built into your cabinet system. Refrigerators, modern ovens, coffee makers, and dishwashers can be integrated smartly into the same cabinet, saving floor space and eliminating clutter.

Even the appearance of the inner cabinets is impressive. Interior+ cabinetry comes with slim adjustable shelves with aluminum fittings that look clean and polished. The pullout pantries use truly stunning matt inlays. Drawer interiors are often built with gleaming beveled glass.

Just as German culture values outstanding craftsmanship, we foster a commitment to providing the very best cabinetry from Europe. Better interiors equal better function. Cutting-edge hardware is key to the heightened performance of our German kitchens.