Using the same innovative storage principles as German kitchens, Europe’s custom closet and wardrobe manufacturers simplify storage in the bedroom and beyond. Custom-built closets provide better organization than standard closets since they are made with your individual space in mind. We are proudly partnered with leading German manufacturers in the custom wardrobe and closet field: Nolte, Hulsta, and Piure.

Nolte is Germany’s top closet and wardrobe value brand. Ergonomically designed custom closets are affordably priced, making Nolte a great choice for those on a moderate budget who do not want to make any concessions in quality. Nolte’s line Arias is especially notable. This system uses an open cross beam concept to reinvent the walk-in closet, conforming to sloped ceilings and unusual corners. Nolte also makes modern wardrobes and entire bedroom suites, including custom beds and chests. Furniture and shelving dimensions are extremely flexible.

Hulsta has earned its reputation as a luxury custom furniture supplier from Germany. With a history of 75 years, it is the most recognized furniture brand in Western Europe. Hulsta manufactures premium modern furniture for the entire home. Hulsta’s innovation is shown through intelligent modular construction and huge array of choices, ranging from bold and ultra-modern to classic looks achieved with natural wood finishes. During the past decade, the company introduced lower-priced line Hulsta Now, which features many stylish and affordable options targeted to a young clientele.

Piure specializes in ultra-custom cabinetry for the living room and bedroom. Unlimited possibilities exist within Piure collections through flexible configurations, color pallets and luxurious finishes. Wardrobes from Piure especially benefit from the unique open and closed shelving concept. This enables you to choose which items to display openly while aptly placed doors maintain privacy. Compact storage options like the wall-mounted Nex Box and Sideboards provide clever opportunities to maximize storage using minimal space.

Custom-made wardrobes and closet systems are rarely considered in the United States. Rooms are typically fitted with cookie-cutter closets that have very little storage innovations other than a clothing rack and maybe a few shelves. But, the inside of a closet does not have to be so messy. The brands we offer in the US pair respected German quality with ergonomic function designed to streamline your lifestyle.

When renovating several rooms, there are plenty of opportunities to design custom furniture suited to unique needs. We are revolutionizing the way our clients use closets by introducing German manufacturing to more homes every day. With affordable options and diverse design choices, custom German closets not only look beautiful, they maximize space efficiency where it counts.