Minimizing Problems

There are always logistical challenges when ordering custom cabinetry and furniture made for your home and manufactured in Europe. Due to our established organization we are equipped to resolve issues that may arise with the correct customer service approach. With the help of our local team as well as our factory partners in Germany, our priority is taking care of you, the client.

At every stage of the process, attentive staff is assigned to review details. Our system is designed to minimize problems from the onset with aggressive cutting-edge quality control. We enlist highly qualified kitchen designers and product managers who not only handle initial planning, but follow through to project completion. There is always a point of contact to work out any oversight, whether it be an electrical wiring issue in your home or accidental damage that may have happened during shipping. Setbacks that are normal in the furniture industry need not be daunting because we are well-prepared to deal with them.

And luckily for us, our German factory partners are very organized and detail oriented. We always have a designated point of communication with each factory who understands the export process. German manufacturers are known worldwide for refusing to cut corners, and this means that correcting errors is taken very seriously. It is through using expert communication between our local team, who take the time to understand individual concerns of our clients, and our German partners with exceptional standards that we are able to complete a renovation flawlessly.

Renovating a space involves its share of challenges. We are experienced with custom renovations, and addressing issues is second nature to our factory-trained installation team. A routine system of checks and balances is in place, which includes a detailed damage assessment before a final touch-up list is created. This way, any defects that need correction are adjusted in a timely manner so that you can get to enjoying your new cabinets as soon as possible.

Clients should know that they will never be left in the dark if challenges do arise. Choosing German Design Center for your next renovation means you are in good hands from beginning to end. Our factory-warrantied furniture, designed and manufactured by German engineers, is backed by our comprehensive and attentive customer service. Client satisfaction is always the first concern.