From the world’s leading kitchen brands to Europe’s top custom closet brands, we are making the highest quality furniture accessible to more people in the United States. We incorporate price flexibility on all levels, even up into premium lines we carry such as Hulsta. Fine cabinetry and custom furniture is available at competitive price ranges, and often superior in quality to higher-priced competing brands.

Our brand partners offer an extensive variety of finish choices within their collections. Depending on which elegant finish you choose, the cost of your custom furniture can be very flexible. For those in the market for high-end cabinetry, finishes like solid glass and exotic polished wood from Leicht are the height of luxury. However, excellent finish options for moderate budgets, like natural wood-style laminate or high-gloss lacquer instead of glass, are very beautiful and long-lasting alternatives. Hulsta, for example, is well-known in Europe as the preferred luxury wardrobe brand. By launching their latest line Hulsta Now, they offer custom furniture that is lower priced and appropriate for young adults and teens.

Furniture engineering options also have a large impact on the total cost. Our designers are able to recommend which add-ons fit into your budget. The same cabinet line can vary widely in price between basic models and those with enhancements. Standard choices such as traditional hinged doors are extremely high quality, and yet often available at entry-level prices. Clever add-ons like pullouts and illuminated shelving or even wall-mounted cabinetry truly enhance the functional experience of using storage furniture, so you can always budget for the enhancements that are most important in your own life.

Price flexibility is an important feature that we incorporate for all types of custom furniture. In addition to kitchens, we provide highly customized furniture for the bedroom and living areas including wardrobes, office workstations, cupboards, and entertainment centers, all with different finishes and engineering choices. Team 7 is positioned on the highest end of custom furniture, engineered from 100% solid wood and glass. Our kitchen value brand Nobilia is quite popular for clients who want meticulously engineered cabinetry for moderate budgets. And within each brand, both high-end and affordably priced, small adjustments can be made to bring the price down noticeably.

Furniture systems like custom closets are difficult to find in the US, particularly with flexible price points. German kitchens and furniture are typically positioned in the upper echelon and we are now making them accessible to more people. We only partner with brands that provide excellent quality for the investment, many of which are priced lower than lesser quality brands. Each project is reviewed by a consultant who works to get the desired look while considering any financial concerns, so you should never have to feel that European furniture is for the elite only.