The Process

Our team includes many unsung heroes who work behind the scenes bringing ideas to life. Custom furniture collections sold at German Design Center involve an entire process of logistical steps handled by professionals at each level. From design to manufacture to installation, there is certainly more than meets the eye. Our network here in the US as well as those overseas has the infrastructure to address any challenges promptly.


Our designers are the face of the company and often the client’s first point of contact. Design consultants use expert knowledge to walk the client through choices available to them. A digital sketch is created based on the client preferences, spacial and function needs, and price point. Accurate measurements of the interior space must also be conducted during this time. Designs often require several revisions if any challenges arise.


Our backend team is a huge asset that cannot be matched by a custom millworker. Here, staff delves into the technical details and assesses any inconsistencies. Plans are sent back to be adjusted by the designer if necessary. Once finalized, the order is submitted and confirmed with the manufacturer. The order is processed and each detail checked again. Communication between the client and the factory is an intensive process, often involving additional rounds of processing to make sure everything is consistent. The procedure is much more in-depth than just sending a design off to the factory and there is always a trained staff member to oversee each step.


Once details have been finalized on the manufacturer’s end, production is set to begin. Before your furniture is assembled, extensive quality checks are performed in the factory setting. Our kitchen brand Nobilia sets a great example with their quality control process, wherein every panel is examined by a team member in the high-volume factory before it is approved.

The manufacturing process for each and every brand we have partnered with has been refined over many decades of award-winning German engineering achievements. Products made in Germany are respected throughout the world for their innovation and overall standards, and this is especially true for the custom cabinet and furniture industries.

Delivery and Installation

Upon approval, each furniture system is sent to the United States where it will meet the receiving team. As with any product shipped overseas, damage assessment is a possibility. We take these issues very seriously and dedicate time to attend to them. A touch up list is created for any adjustments necessary, making sure furniture is as pristine in your home as it would be in a catalog. Any design changes or additional parts needed are promptly addressed and sent back to the manufacturer before the installation is finalized.

We stress every detail of the entire process from start to finish, in much the same way that German furniture makers do. In the industry of finely built custom cabinetry, millworkers do not have well-staffed networks or the means for this level of aggressive quality control. Your furniture should not only look elegant when it is new, it should hold up to many years of daily use and still maintain its beauty. We believe that our success stems from our commitment to outstanding customer service and radical standards at each and every point of the process.