Our commitment to a client project extends past the renovation. German Kitchen Center offers a full service package which includes follow-up adjustments if necessary. If you find that part of the kitchen loses shape after repeated use, a simple alignment is usually all it takes to get every component back into tip-top working order.

Every kitchen benefits from having a facelift now and then. German kitchens are designed by some of the smartest engineers in the world and parts are very strong. If an accident happens or too much weight is put on moving parts, your kitchen may require a small adjustment to get the glides and hinges back in shape. Re-alignment is covered under our service policy at no additional cost to you.

We supply our own crews to come out and service kitchens post-installation. Customer service is always our priority, even long after the job is completed. If anything pops out of place, our own contractors are available to restore it back to its smooth function in a timely manner. Since we handle the improvements, adjustments will not cost you money or time looking for a repair professional.

The same goes for any re-ordering of parts. We have communication systems between our German factories if any kitchen part must be replaced. Our local team has a point of contact within each of our supplier factories and a system of checks and balances is always in place. When a new kitchen is installed, we conduct a full damage assessment to finalize the touch ups.

Our top-quality kitchens are designed to stay in great condition for many years. But sometimes, heavy use can require small adjustments to keep cabinets working perfectly. Your kitchen should be able to hold up for many years of daily use. If any hardware operates less than exceptional, we will be right there to address it.