At German Kitchen Center, we’re all about people. Our local team of backend support reps, administration, logistics personnel, and individual project designers are here to guide you past each hurdle in the process.

You can count on our support every step of the way. When ordering any furniture that’s custom-made, specialized considerations must be taken. After all we are talking about ordering an entire kitchen with custom enhancements- not a piece of standard furniture! Thanks to our fully staffed local team, we help you work through unforeseen challenges. Vigilant and honest customer service is a central part of our philosophy.

Careful screening is applied to each step: measuring, design, pricing, revisions, ordering and confirmation, order processing, checking details, technical confirmation, manufacture, shipping, receiving, delivery, installation, quality checks, and periodical service adjustments. While local companies sometimes advertise custom kitchen renovations, the amount of support we provide at every level cannot be matched by a millworker.

Every project receives the dedicated attention of a design consultant who assesses the layout, preferences, needs, and budget of the customer. Any design or pricing challenges can be addressed upfront when creating your digital sketch.

We always have team of backend technical designers who examine each design in detail. Proper communication is essential when submitting your plans to our state-of-the-art German factory. Our innovative kitchens use custom hardware involving lots of individual moving parts. When submitting measurements, just a fraction of a centimeter could determine whether your appliances fit! Our team also screens measurements thoroughly to ensure metric conversions are accurate.

Logistics are handled with the utmost care when processing an order. We employ dedicated administrative staff who communicate regularly with our manufacturers. An order’s status is checked frequently to make sure it complies with our standards as well as your own needs.

Upon delivery, issues often arise that need special attention from our staff. Between problems involving shipping, damage, adjustments, or factory errors, our local team is always available to provide additional support until the renovation is complete. Our management is very accessible and transparent, so you won’t encounter the red tape you might expect to run into when navigating an international market.

GKC is the only German furniture dealer in the United States who has successfully grown outside of a regional operation and into a national company, making us the industry leader. We’ve gotten where we are today through our dedication to providing not only exceptional kitchens, but also honest customer service to American clients.